They never learn
They never learn

they go beyond the point
of no return
of no return

then it's too late
the damage is done
the damage is done

This goes beyond me
beyond you

a white room
by a window
where the sun
comes through

we are
just happy to serve
just happy to serve you

slowly slowly
it will destroy
give me
a little more time
a little more
i need
to find my feet
to find my feet
i know
within us
just who the hell do we think are?
do we think we are?
at all times
neutralised ..
------- dreams
i don't want
anyone else
anyone else
but you
who do you think you ? are
they ruin it for everyone
and cannot return
are unaware
& unconcerned
they don't mean
to ruin things

better then
to sterilise
to sterilise
set fire
to bridges
now cannot return
selfish damage
who that dwells
in your inner mind

in your inner mind

now you love -
------ now you want to be loved -
now you want to be loved

got tired of waiting
tired of the wait

they want to sanitise
to sanitise

the consequence that rains

you live
within a line
══════ a line