glass eyes

Hey it's me
I just got off the train
A frightening place
The faces are concrete grey
And I'm wondering should I turn
Buy another ticket
The panic is coming on strong
So cold from the inside out
No great drama
message coming in
In the oh-so-smug
Glassy eyed light of day
Glassy eyed light of day

Where the path trails off and heads
Down the mountain
Through the dry brush
I don't know where it leads
And I don't really care

I feel this love to the core

the oh-so-smug glassy-eyed light of

I just got off the plane
The gutters are full

Coming unstitched
Can't seem to fit in the

Oh so smug
Glassy eyed light of day

Yeah it's still me
Trying to break the cycle
A silent voice
A light coming on on your

A big thick wall
Not as serious as

Sin or fate or circumstance
A frightening place
That I can't quite understand
Where the

Rules have changed
The glassy-eyed light of day

Hey it's me
Circling in the wind
Do I waste my life
Hopelessly dangling?

Father son and holy ghost
Don't come back
You are not welcome

I only did what I thought was right
Marching time
Again I got to say
Goodbye again

To the glassy-eyed light of day
Glassy-eyed light of day
Now I've hung up
to dry
My roots are gone
Earth falling to the

Always said we'd never get caught
We would be different